Volvo truck FH4 bumper welding

Volvo truck FH4 bumper welding

Volvo truck FH4 bumper welding






Volvo truck FH4 bumper welding

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“Volvo truck FH4: Steps or bumpers made of aluminum often break, but that’s not a problem. We can easily repair this type of damage.




Many customers have already come to us with their Volvo truck parts, and we have not only straightened and improved them, but also welded and reinforced them to ensure additional stability.



Some customers even prefer to carry out the repair themselves, especially if a new part is extremely cost-intensive. We have helped such customers by providing them with a welding machine and explaining in detail in a workshop how they can carry out the repair themselves.

If you have the opportunity to repair the part on your Volvo truck yourself, this is not a problem. Otherwise we can help you.



Just get in touch with us, preferably via WhatsApp.


Send us a message and preferably pictures of the damage to your Volvo truck. We can definitely repair, straighten and weld it for you. Take a look at a video of us below, where we carry out many repairs on a daily basis, especially in the aluminum sector. We have over twelve years of experience and are experts in this field.”




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