Shielding gas flow rate

Shielding gas flow rate

Shielding gas flow rate



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Are you wondering what the correct shielding gas flow rate is for welding?



The normal shielding gas flow rate is 8 liters.




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But now I have to tell you that it always depends on what you are welding and with what!


Let’s take the TIG welding process and you weld with a small 5 ceramic nozzle, for example, then I recommend increasing this to 9-10 liters. With the small nozzle, the gas flow rate is simply much lower.


There is also a difference between stainless steel and aluminum.


Stainless steel requires a larger and better gas cover for optimum cooling. In this case, it is best to weld with a large gas lens so that the gas flow rate can be adjusted to 12-18 liters.


With aluminum, you really only need a maximum of 8-10 liters under normal circumstances. Here it is even more negative, because the weld pool then only becomes unstable during welding.


As you can see, there are one or two differences between the various materials and burner accessories.


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I hope I was able to help you with this article. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. Welding is a daily topic there.




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