Jasic TIG welding machine

Jasic TIG welding machine

Jasic TIG welding machine


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Jasic TIG welding machine



How does the Jasic TIG weld?


I have had my Jasic TIG for a good six months now.

Welding machine, the ACDC 200 in my workshop, my colleague and I weld with it regularly every week and keep testing different functions.




Jasic TIG200P ACDC PFC E2S23 TIG welding machine




This means that I think I can already say a lot about the Jasic TIG welding machine.



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So I’ve really tested a lot in every function, i.e. we’ve welded normal aluminum with the welding machine in our everyday work in the workshop. Of course, aluminum, magnesium and alloys are also very common in our company, which means we have also worked a lot with them.



In addition, of course, chrome nickel steel and normal steel. I really like the Spot function, which often helps us in everyday life. I simply love the filigree approach here, where we can make beautiful small weld seams or repair sheet metal.


Jasic TIG200P aluminum bucket set 3



All of the processes were great to weld with the device and I always think you have to be very clear or differentiate. Such a welding machine always has a price-performance ratio. This means that you pay a certain price and receive a certain service. In this case, I don’t think there are always any bad appliances, and it’s also difficult to compare an appliance for €1500 and an appliance for €4500. Of course, the device for 4500 € has more possibilities, other setting options and that has to be the case, because it also costs a lot more money.



The Jasic TIG system costs €1849 and you can weld stainless steel, steel and aluminum with the device. Of course also cast aluminum and magnesium alloy. You can also solder with the device, as with any other welding device, and also weld electrodes.


Jasic TIG200P ACDC PFC E2S23 TIG welding machine




In other words, most of the devices here can do that. You still have a big advantage when welding aluminum that you have the Ace Mix mode, i.e. where your current is switched between DC and A.C. mode. A considerable advantage in terms of your heat memorization. Here you can weld much warmer in DC mode and can adjust the percentage very well.


You also have the Pulse setting, where you can set your pulse and other pulse lengths, which is of course also a great setting for welding stainless steel, for example.








To round it all off. I have already recorded a few videos about this. I will attach them below so that you can take a closer look at how well the device welds and see for yourself.



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