Inexpensive fresh air helmet

Inexpensive fresh air helmet

Inexpensive fresh air helmet



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Inexpensive fresh air helmet

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Welding produces fumes that are not healthy – so-called welding fumes. That is why it is extremely important to protect yourself against this when welding. There are various ways to do this. Unfortunately, many people still do not know that protection against welding fumes is necessary, as they can cause serious illnesses.



I would therefore like to introduce you to an extremely inexpensive but high-quality and modern welding helmet – a fresh air helmet with an excellent price-performance ratio. I have been using it myself for over a year now. In cooperation with the company, I had the opportunity to test it extensively. It is definitely one of the cheapest offers on the market.

Guardian Air Kit with Guardian50FM Air flip-up welding helmet (matt blue) with fresh air supply


A particularly impressive feature of the Real Color helmet is the flip function, which allows the helmet to be folded forward. This makes it much easier to switch between welding and grinding. The advantages are obvious, and the accessories such as filters are also affordable compared to some other manufacturers.



I always recommend wearing a face mask as a minimum and good ventilation in the work area or workshop. However, the ideal solution would be a fresh air helmet like the one presented here, combined with an extraction system.



I personally work daily with a fresh air helmet, an extraction system and additional ventilation in the workshop. I think it’s great that you’re already dealing with the issue and looking for ways to protect yourself. Professional welders should always use a fresh air helmet and, if possible, an extraction system.

Guardian Air Kit with Guardian50M Air welding helmet (matt blue) with fresh air supply


In our efforts to promote this important topic, we regularly offer interesting campaigns. A video about this helmet is available – feel free to watch it. In my store you can find the helmet at a reasonable price, and I’ll even give you an exclusive 10% discount if you decide to buy it.



I wish you all the best! Stay tuned and visit our YouTube and Instagram channels, where we share helpful tips and tricks about welding every day. Don’t hesitate too long – start protecting yourself from welding fumes.



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