Cusi solder aluminum

Cusi solder aluminum

Cusi solder aluminum


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Cusi solder aluminum


WELDINGER TIG solder CUSI3 1.6 mm A 202 W ( 10 rods 500mm )



Title: cusi brazing of aluminum – The key to successful joining


Image: An example of cusi soldering of aluminum.


Aluminum is a versatile and lightweight metal that is widely used in many industries. When it comes to joining aluminum parts, cusi soldering plays a decisive role. In this post, we take a look at cusi brazing aluminum, its benefits and best practices to achieve a durable and reliable joint.



Focus on cusi soldering:


Cusi soldering, also known as aluminum soldering, is a technique for joining aluminum parts. The name is derived from the materials used: Cu for copper and Si for silicon. This alloy is used as a solder material to join aluminum parts together.


WELDINGER WELDINGER MEW 202 SYN puls dig 200A synergic MIG/MAG pulse welding machine two-roller drive ALu spoon welding machineAlu bucket alu welding machine like welding machine action welding inverter WELDINGER WE 2003P ACDC with TIG set pressure regulator welding helmet




In contrast to welding, no base metal is melted during soldering, but rather the solder material, which forms a solid connection between the parts when it solidifies.


Advantages of cusi soldering aluminum:


– Lower melting temperature: Compared to welding, cusi soldering requires lower temperatures. This minimizes the risk of deformation or damage to the aluminium structure.


– Fine connection: Soldering enables precise joining of aluminum parts, resulting in a clean look and high stability.


– Corrosion resistance: The use of copper-silicon solder alloys the aluminum, resulting in increased corrosion resistance.


– Wide range of applications: cusi brazing is suitable for a wide range of aluminum applications, including automotive, electronics, aerospace and more.


MIG solder wire CUSi-3 0.8 mm MIG solder wire CUSi-3 0.8 mm

Best practices for successful cusi soldering:



– Material preparation: Careful preparation of the surfaces is crucial. The parts to be joined should be clean, free of oxidation and grease.

– Solder material: Choosing the right solder material is important. CuSi alloys with suitable melting points are ideal.

– Flux: The use of a suitable flux promotes the wetting of the solder material and improves the connection.

– Temperature control: Make sure to use the correct soldering temperature to melt the solder material without overheating the aluminum.

– Soldering torch: A precise soldering torch makes it easier to control the heat and enables precise work.



Conclusion: Perfect connection with cusi soldering


Welding welder aluminum spoon throw away likes welding



The cusi soldering of aluminum is an effective method of joining aluminum parts safely and permanently. With its lower melting temperatures, precision and corrosion resistance, this technology offers numerous advantages. However, following best practices and careful preparation are crucial for successful results.



Whether you are an experienced craftsman or a newcomer to aluminum processing, cusi soldering opens up new possibilities for creating stable connections. Expand your knowledge and explore the fascinating world of cusi aluminum soldering.





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