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Greetings welding fans




Buy welding machine



You want to buy a welding machine and don’t know exactly what you should buy or what the right machine is for you. I’ll give you a few tips on how we can best find out or decide this for you.



Here is a list of the approach

1. what do you want to weld?

2. which material do you want to weld?

3. do you want fine weld seams or rough ones?

4 Do you want it quick and easy?

5. should it be uncomplicated & quick, without a lot of accessories?

6. would you like to continue your training and immerse yourself in the subject of welding?



These are exactly the questions I would ask myself. This is because there are many different variants and welding machines that are precisely tailored to these points. We basically have three welding processes here, among which we should differentiate. Each has its own advantages, so I’ll list them for you.



TIG tungsten inert gas welding



Falls into the category of gas-shielded welding, where we have a so-called TIG torch with a tungsten electrode, which gives the arc and thus melts the material. The filler material is fed in with a second hand, so to speak.



Free aluminum welding tips
Free tips on aluminum welding




What can you weld with it: steel, stainless steel, titanium & aluminum.



In my opinion, the advantage of TIG welding is that you can melt the material properly and then decide for yourself when to add the filler material or simply let it run.


Free video welding tips



Beautiful fine and clean weld seam (scaling).


The disadvantage is that too much heat is introduced during welding, which can be tempting.


More complex than MAG welding or takes longer


Here is the link to a simple TIG welding machine:


WELDINGER TIG welding machine WE 202P DC HF ignition pulse + German hose package WP26 from TBI



Here is a link to an AC/DC welding machine:




MAG welding Metal active gas welding.



Welliger welding machine aluminum spoon mag welding steel welding at home welding machine for thin sheets Welliger welding machine aluminum spoon welding



The best known welding process, because it is used in the best known places known to man. For example, in a car repair shop or a metalworking shop.



With this welding process, the welding wire comes out of the torch at the same time as it ignites. This means that filler material is immediately added to the weld seam.



You can weld quickly with it and can apply material well.


Not as much heat is applied as with TIG welding.


Spatter formation during welding. This therefore leads to some reworking when the workpiece is still cold, the weld seam builds up more at the beginning.

MIG welding

Metal inert gas welding,

is the same principle as MAG welding, except that we can use argon gas, for example.

Aluminum, stainless steel & brass welding.

Of course, the wire also differs depending on what you want to weld.

The torch also has slightly different accessories than those used for MAG welding.



Another advantage is that less heat is introduced into the material than with TIG welding and it is also much faster.


the rework for the purpose of spatter formation and with aluminum it does not burst the oxide layer, so the weld seam can become slightly dark, which I always rework.



Here is a link to a MAG/MIG welding machine:

WELDINGER WELDINGER MEW 202 SYN puls dig 200A synergic MIG/MAG pulse welding machine two-roller drive ALu spoon welding machine


Electrode welding

We are now talking about one of the oldest welding processes in existence.

For me, the two big advantages of electric arc welding are that you don’t need shielding gas and you can still weld well in poor welding conditions. For example, outside in the open air, in windy conditions, etc.


which is of course also great that it is also very cheap to buy and you don’t need much except of course the protective equipment, electrodes and an impact hammer.


You just have to develop a feel for welding, because you have to move in the direction of the seam and still towards the seam by melting the electrode.


Here is an example of a great starter set:

You can start immediately




In conclusion, I would say that every welding process has its advantages and disadvantages, but you can make good use of them.


What is definitely still important is the protective equipment, that I would like to give with it looks best here under the link


BÖHLER GUARDIAN 62 Welding helmet aluminum spoon wig welding mag welding electrodeMoldex reusable half mask silicone face mask welding fumesAluminum spoon wig gloves welding gloves böhler-welding-gloves-wig




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Buy welding machine

So I hope I was able to help you with the article on buying a welding machine. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. It’s all about welding every welding machine

10 tig welder tips


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