Adjusting the Optrel welding helmet

Adjusting the Optrel welding helmet

Adjusting the Optrel welding helmet


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Optrel welding helmet settings



A welding helmet is an indispensable tool in the world of welding, regardless of whether you only make a few seams occasionally or work with it every day.



Panoramaxx CLT Silver Optrel | Fresh air helmet




It is an important topic, even if it is sometimes tempting to do without the welding helmet, to close your eyes or hold your hand in front of your face. I generally advise against it, because your eyes and health are too valuable.



So what is the most important thing about a welding helmet? The settings! It is crucial to adjust the helmet perfectly to your needs and comfort.


Regardless of whether you have a new welding helmet from any manufacturer, take your time to adjust it to suit you perfectly. There are different settings, depending on whether it is a conventional welding helmet or a fresh air version.


aluloffel tig welding learning to weld welding

With the latter, you also have a belt or backpack that you also need to adjust correctly. It’s all about how much air is supplied to you and how you attach the system to your body so that it doesn’t bother you and only offers benefits.




Adjusting the Optrel welding helmet

Optrel RTW e3000X e3000x Optrel blower respiratory protection system


The adjustment of the headband is particularly important for the welding helmet from Optrel and other brands. Take a few minutes to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly on your head without causing pressure points or discomfort. After all, you may be wearing the helmet for long periods of time and it is important that it is comfortable.



You can also adjust how far away the welding helmet is from your nose or eyes. Here it is crucial that you can see everything clearly, as precise observation of the weld pool is of the utmost importance during welding.



Make sure that the helmet is neither too light nor too dark and that the sensors are unobstructed. This allows the welding helmets to react optimally and you can start welding effectively


Crystal2.0 silver Optrel | Welding helmet


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Adjusting the Optrel welding helmet


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