Which welding helmet is the best

Which welding helmet is the best

Which welding helmet is the best



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Which welding helmet is the best for me?



This question is of course not so easy to answer, because there are of course many different manufacturers who all produce good welding helmets in my opinion. But the question is always, of course, what do you want to spend?



A lot has happened in the field of welding in recent years. The hobby sector is also buying more and more welding equipment because they want to weld at home in their workshop or for their projects.



Now such a hobby welding machine costs, let’s say, about 500-600 €. Then, of course, it is difficult to argue that the person will also buy a welding helmet of the same value, because it is usually out of proportion for them.

But don’t forget that it’s about protecting your eyes and skin, which is of course extremely important. That’s why I wouldn’t choose the cheapest helmet here. I have to make sure that I have proper sensors and optimum automatic dimming.

BÖHLER GUARDIAN 62 Welding helmet aluminum spoon wig welding mag welding electrode


IMPORTANT protects you from welding fumes and you can do this for as little as €49

Moldex reusable half mask silicone face mask welding fumes


I would say that such a welding helmet should be at least 80-150 €. I wouldn’t buy a welding helmet under that. There are of course differences in the headband area, but here too all heads are different.


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With my Guardian 62, for example, I have the best fit for me and I always get positive feedback from my community. The price-performance ratio of this helmet is absolutely perfect for beginners, with super technology at a very fair price.

Of course, there are also completely different welding helmets for professionals or professional welders, such as fresh air helmets.



Guardian Air Kit with Guardian50FM Air flip-up welding helmet (matt blue) with fresh air supply



Here you can actually find everything your heart desires. The question is simply the price-performance ratio. How often do you want to work with it and what exactly is the plan? I have already made some videos about welding helmets that we use ourselves in our everyday life and I will attach them below in this article. Why don’t you take a look at them? You might even find the right one for you.



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Which welding helmet is the best

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