What can I do if my eyes are flashed during welding?

What can I do if my eyes are flashed during welding?

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Flashing in the eyes during welding what to do

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What can I do if my eyes are flashed during welding?

Here are a few tips from me on what you should do if you have flashed your eyes.

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Topic, what should you do if you’ve blistered your eyes while welding? In my opinion, it’s usually the case that the people working next to you are blinding their eyes. For example, while someone else is welding. That’s my experience.

So it’s usually the people who work next to a welder who have to watch out. For example, holding something or simply doing other activities.

We welders can actually protect ourselves relatively well from this and always check our welding helmet batteries, because in my opinion this is the case where you can flash yourself.

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Okay, of course you shouldn’t underestimate the mirroring or reflection of smooth aluminum surfaces, etc.

But now to the topic, what can you do if it is already so far and your eyes have faded. The best advice is still to go to the emergency room or an ophthalmologist immediately, because they really do have the best eye drops that relieve the pain and are also the quickest in terms of duration so that you can see properly again.

Ultimately, the unpleasant thing about fading is that you have the feeling all the time that you have something in your eye – your eyes water and are very red.

If you flash your eyes while welding, or what many people may not know is that it is even possible to flash your eyes through the sun. If you have an injury to the cornea in the eye, so to speak. This is not to be trifled with, you should definitely see an ophthalmologist!

What can I do if my eyes are flashed during welding?

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Partition walls are also definitely helpful in the workshop, so that the welder has a partition wall in front of the welding table so that others in the workshop are not dazzled.

I hope I have been able to bring you a little closer to the matter. If you want more tips, have a look at my other channels. We are on YouTube and Instagram, where you can regularly find cool tips and information about welding.

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What can I do if my eyes are flashed during welding?

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