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Spotter body

handwerk tool workshop aluminum spoon voevor spotter body welding dent pulling


Simply remove dents with a spotter


Spotter – The must-have tool for body repairs



A spotter in action while removing a dent from a car panel.


One tool has become a real superstar in the body repair sector – the spotter. Whether in industry or for hobby craftsmen, this innovative helper has established itself as an invaluable tool for restoring sheet metal to perfection. The spotter can work wonders, especially in the case of accident vehicles, be it a small dent in the door or damage to sheet metal parts.


The spotter magic unfolds


A spotter is more than just a tool – it is a savior for bodywork damage of all kinds. From small dents to major damage, the spotter offers a customized solution. Thanks to special accessories that work in a similar way to spot welds, copper parts can be tacked to the sheet metal. The joint is then heated with an additional device and the sheet is pulled out. This process enables extremely precise and gentle treatment of the material.



handwerk tool workshop aluminum spoon voevor spotter body welding dent pulling


Our workshop uses the spotter for tank renovations, among other things. If tanks are dented, leaking or have rust damage, the spotter is used. The defective areas are repaired and sealed, while new fuel caps or specialized features such as pop-up fuel caps or motorsport fuel caps can also be integrated.

anks, followed by painting or powder coating on the outside. The spotter therefore enables comprehensive preparation for the final polish.




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Spotter: your ace up your sleeve



spotter vevor body aluminum spoon


The spotter is not only indispensable in professional workshops – it can also work wonders in hobby workshops. If you are restoring or repairing your car yourself, the spotter is a cost-effective alternative.


With an affordable price tag of under 400 euros, it’s a tool that will take your DIY projects to the next level. With its help, you can work autonomously and effectively without having to rely on external support.


spotter vevor body aluminum spoon

Advantages at a glance:


– Precise dent removal

– Individual application for a wide range of sheet metal repairs

– Ideal for bodywork restoration

– Easy handling

– Perfect preparation for painting and sealing


Join the spotter revolution:

spotter vevor body aluminum spoon

In our accompanying video, we show how the spotter is used in our workshop. You will gain an insight into the application and the results. If you are interested in buying a spotter, we have an exclusive link for you. Use it to save 5% on your purchase.


Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the potential of the spotter for yourself. Visit our social media channels for daily tips and tricks about welding, craftsmanship and the workshop. The Spotter will take your sheet metal game to a new level – be ready to give your projects the perfect finishing touch!



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