MIG welding

MIG welding

MIG welding


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MIG welding



MIG welding, also known as gas shielded arc welding or MAG welding (metal active gas), is a common welding process used in many automotive workshops and in steel construction. In MIG welding, the wire comes directly from the torch and enables one-handed welding.

MIG welding
MIG welding


The abbreviation MAG stands for Metal Active Gas, while MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. MIG welding uses an inactive gas such as argon (e.g. argon 4.6). MAG welding, on the other hand, uses normal shielding gas such as CO2 or a mixture of CO2 and argon.


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The main difference between MAG and MIG welding lies in the gases used. MAG welding is used to weld normal steel, while MIG welding is used to weld stainless steel or aluminum using argon as a shielding gas.


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This means that the MAG welding process is generally used for normal steels, while the MIG welding process is used for stainless steel and aluminum. It is basically the same welding process, but with different shielding gases depending on the application.



With MIG welding, you can generally weld faster and produce stronger weld seams. In comparison, the TIG welding process is more delicate and allows more precise welding work, but is slower. The choice of welding process ultimately depends on the specific application.



Both MIG and TIG welding have their advantages, and it is the welder’s responsibility to decide which process is best suited for a particular purpose.




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