Magnesium welding rod

Magnesium welding rod

Magnesium welding rod



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Buy magnesium welding rod?



A few years ago, I was faced with the problem of wanting to weld and repair magnesium components. But I had the problem that I didn’t have the right filler material.

Aluminum magnesium alloy welding TIG welding repair aluminum bucket


At the beginning you try it with AlMg5, which worked a bit, but the magnesium content is simply far too low and so you can simply break off the welded part again. You simply cannot achieve a tight seal or a stable, firm weld seam here.



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That’s why you need the right filler material for magnesium. This is usually available in 3-5 kilo quantities. So if you only have a small project or part that needs to be welded, not ideal. Anyone who has studied the subject knows that the magnesium filler material is not exactly cheap.



As I said, I faced the same problem a few years ago and nobody wanted to help me. Most people just wanted to keep everything to themselves and not give any tips.



However, I have vowed to help welders out there and that’s why we also have the filler material in small quantities in our store, starting from five rods.

Here is the link



This means that if you have a small project, you can buy the filler material from five rods in our store and thus practice a little first and then repair or weld your project component.


Filler material magnesium welding cast aluminum aluminum spoon tig welding


I hope I have been able to help you with this. So, as I said, please feel free to take a look. If you need a few more tips, I’ll attach 1-2 videos below where I’ve already repaired and welded magnesium components myself.





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