Aluminum polishing

Aluminum polishing

Aluminum polishing


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Aluminum polishing



How to polish aluminum!


aluminum spoon polishing alu norton grinding the metalist



The advantage of aluminum is that it is a very light and easy to process material. On the one hand, of course, the weight is an extreme difference compared to steel. This naturally makes it much easier for you to transport or move profiles or workpieces.





Aluminum carbide burrs set ( 4-piece )

alu flap disc aluminum spoon norton alu sanding disc comparison to a normal flap disc


Aluminum also has the advantage that it is very easy to process, for example when cutting, sawing, milling or grinding.


aluminum spoon polishing alu norton grinding the metalist


Protection is also important because there is a lot of flying around!


Full face masks with panoramaBig Vision grinding helmet (matt black) Böhlerwelding


This is because the material is somewhat softer than steel. Can you really produce a very good structure, or is it easier to work on the surface?



Yes, and some would like to have the whole thing as a mirror, it’s all about polishing the surface.



That also works well, of course. However, you have to follow a few steps here. With the right accessories, this works very well and of course you still need a little patience. So that the whole thing is really streak-free and produces an optimum surface.



We work here with abrasives from the company Norton. We have had very good experiences with them.



At the end we have polishing pastes for the complete finishing touch.

Aluminum spoon polishing high gloss polishing set ( aluminum / stainless steel )


When polishing, you naturally start with a coarse cut and prepare the material so that there are no deeper marks in the material that would be visible at the end.



In other words, we first of all give the surface a basic makeover so that it is uniform and optimally prepared for polishing.



Then, of course, the abrasives become finer and finer and the final sanding passes are then made with a polishing wheel. This is provided with a flow and then, of course, in the correct order with the different pastes.


Learn to polish cheaply

polish aluminum spoon online course grinding



However, I think the whole thing is easier to see in video form, so I’m attaching our video below. The whole thing is shown directly how it works and you immediately have an idea of how each course looks at the end.




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