10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding

10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding

10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding




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10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding





Error number 1

Incorrect setting of the welding machine. My tip is to watch our videos on YouTube, where we give you lots of tips on this topic. What’s important for me, however, is to get to grips with the welding machine, take a test sheet and just try out the settings on your welding machine for two hours. That can really help a lot.



Aluminum bucket tig welding machine aluminum welding action welding inverter WELDINGER WE 2003P ACDC with TIG set pressure regulator welding helmet






10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding



Error number 2

Burner accessories



I always clearly recommend a gas nozzle for optimum gas coverage when welding. And use at least an 8 gas nozzle



TIG torch box accessories SR9 aluminum bucket



Error number 3

Wig burner posture

Of course, this is not quite so easy to show in written form. I recommend another video from us.

Try the burner like putting a pen in your hand. This means you are directly above the part you need to weld and have an optimum view of your weld pool.



Error number 4

Good view of your melting bath


A lot of people really neglect this. I tell you, this is also a very important topic. That you can see exactly where you are welding. What does your melting bath look like so that you can learn or train your eye when you have to add filler material.

Of course, this requires a good welding helmet so that you can see optimally and adjust it well. Plus the correct burner position. Position your head so that you can see a lot.





Error number 5




Most people underestimate the cleanliness of tig welding aluminum. It has to be extremely clean. What is best suited for this? Once acetone, wire brush and a hot air dryer.

Also cleans the weld seam or the area that you are welding between the welding process. If dirt appears, always wipe it away. The end result is much better.


Aluminum spoon cleaning weld seam cast aluminum brush brush on shaft corrugated Round brush for hand drills



Error number 6

Tungsten electrode


Also a very controversial topic. But I have to say that I have been welding permanently with the green tungsten electrode for ten years and have not yet found anything better. The manufacturers also recommend the green one, but many other welders have a different opinion, which I unfortunately cannot fully support, because the green one is simply the best and easiest to use.





aluminum welding tig welding cast aluminum welding tig-wolf-frame-electrode-wzr-white-10-32-mm-weldinger.




Error number 7


It follows on from the previous topic, namely the gas post-flow time, which is also very important for the tungsten electrode. Why, if it is set too low, the needle will burn and you won’t get a clean weld.

Error number 8

too complicated


Most people tend to do this, making things unnecessarily complicated. And this is also a very important tip: make your work as easy as possible. I.e. place the part to be welded in front of you so that you are perfectly aligned with the weld seam.

Error number 9

Missing accessories

The error also ties in with its predecessor. We’re talking about aids or tools that can make things much easier for you. This is also about the alignment of the part to be welded. A vice, clamps or simply leftover chunks of material can help you to lay it down so that it is easier for you.




Tool viceWelding magnet and grip pliers set mini 6-piece






Error number 10


Lack of ambition or giving up too quickly. Welding is a craft that can be learned. That is the case with many things. Just take a bike ride. As a child, you couldn’t ride a bike perfectly from one day to the next. And it’s the same with welding. Take your time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Make sure you practise a bit of tap again. 1 hour every day. If it doesn’t work at all, put it aside and give yourself time and wait a day. Always remember, if it’s fun, it almost goes by itself.



10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding

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10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding



So I hope I was able to help you with the article 10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. Welding is a daily topic there.

10 mistakes in aluminum TIG welding

10 tig welder tips


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