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Learning to weld Summary

How can you learn to weld?

Being able to weld yourself is simply a great thing. At the moment, I wouldn’t know how to do certain things on my own at home or in the workshop.

Whether in a company, in a private workshop or just as a hobby. The topic of welding is very present and extremely important everywhere. You can always find an area of application where you can use it to help yourself or simplify certain things.

How can I learn to weld now?

Of course, there are different approaches to this. You have the opportunity to learn the whole thing free of charge via certain platforms such as YouTube or on my channels. For example, I give daily tips on my social media channels about welding. The one disadvantage is that this is now not filtered and in a certain order.

If you want to learn how to weld aluminum, for example, it is of course cool if you get step-by-step instructions. I.e. how best to get started, what accessories you need. Of course, it is also very important to know which welding machine you need and how to take the first steps in welding. It’s also clear what mistakes I should avoid.

One such example would be a structured online course. Just like I offer it, where you really get everything explained in the best possible way, piece by piece, in several modules. For example, I have summarized everything from ten years of experience in currently 3 online courses. Of course, a lot can also come from working with hobby welders or professional welders. As we run live workshops directly in our workshop, you always get to know exactly what the current issues are and the initial difficulties.

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Were both in the group wokshop in our workshop!

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Learn tig welding at Alu Löffel: online and offline

Learning to weld with the aluminum spoon

Alu Löffel online schweiß Kurs schweißen lernen

Learn to weld online in our academy

Learn modern welding

Welcome to the aluminum spoon online welding courses. Here you will find everything you need to know about welding and ‘learning to weld’.

Onlineworkshop für Schweißer

Learn to weld in our workshop in a live workshop

Who are our Workshop Days suitable for?

Our Workshop Days are suitable for every hobby, professional, cast aluminum, aluminum, steel, magnesium and tig welder who wants to achieve better results in their workshop or easily double their turnover with their service.

What are the contents for learning to weld with an aluminum spoon?

This brings us to the second option, namely the live workshop directly in our workshop. Of course, the easiest way to learn how to weld is to have someone with you who can look over your shoulder and immediately recognize and correct errors.

Of course, we also start with the theory in the workshops. We talk about the certain points that are important at the beginning. Then, of course, there is the practice area. In which we then weld together, here we prefer to practise cube welding. We realized that you can practice and recognize a lot of points on a cube.

We have had the best experience with the welding results in recent years.

So the question is, how quickly do you want to learn to weld? What prerequisites do you already have for learning to weld?


The most important thing first and foremost, of course, is that you have to be up for it. Next, of course, you need equipment with everything you need. For example, this is also something we like to discuss, because not everything that is recommended is really important for the basic equipment at least. Of course, there’s a lot to the basic equipment, but that’s exactly where we can help you, for example.

The equipment, which many people underestimate, also includes health protection, i.e. a face mask and a proper welding helmet. For the hobby sector, a fresh air helmet or an extraction system is of course relatively price-intensive. As I said, you can protect yourself very well with a face mask and the rest can be done with good ventilation and by opening windows in the workshop.

What welding techniques can I learn with the aluminum tray?

With our experience from 10 years of welding and approx. 100 welding workshops, we have summarized the most important things. It starts with the simple things that you usually don’t see yourself. Posture how do I make it easiest for myself . How do I position my welding part so that it is best and easiest to weld? we discuss many things that actually seem logical but are usually forgotten in the situation, which is quite normal.

Another advantage

We can secure the trust you place in us  with an order by giving you a varied insight into our company. We have a media presence that lets you take a look behind the scenes. You can find videos / photos and reports on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and you can also listen to our podcast.

Does the aluminum tank have a leak? Whether it’s a crack in the tank or a leak – I will localize it and weld the classic car tank. Then check for leaks in the test. Are any other aluminum parts broken and in need of repair? Various welding techniques enable the restoration of major and minor damage to aluminum vehicle parts.

Use our request form and send us pictures of your problem.

Leave us a message or write to us with suitable pictures of your problem

Then use our request form and send us pictures of your classic car problem.

Does the aluminum tank have a leak? Whether it’s a crack in the tank or a leak – I will localize it and weld the classic car tank. Then check for leaks in the test. Are any other aluminum parts broken and in need of repair? Various welding techniques enable the restoration of major and minor damage to aluminum vehicle parts.

Get to know me and my working methods so that you can see the quality and tidiness for yourself. Screwdrivers and tinkerers can learn valuable things here and of course it never gets boring. Become part of the community!

… and enjoy tinkering with the old machines! Get your parts delivered reliably and never again have trouble with aluminum parts that need repair! We will be happy to help you with welding technology and find a solution for your classic car collector’s items. To be able to reinstall them in their original condition. Cast aluminum, stainless steel & steel welding. We are specialized in this field and have years of experience to help and advise you.

Learning to weld with the aluminum spoon

The classic car market has a lot to offer and we are keen to support your project. The wide range of classic cars are always exciting projects that we like to have on our welding table.

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