Auto/Motorrd Aluminum – Tank welding

Auto/Motorrd Aluminum – Tank welding



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Auto/Motorrd Aluminum – Tank welding


Your aluminum tank is leaking and you want to repair it yourself or need help. You can have both naturally, neither is a problem. You are very welcome to contact us. Nevertheless, we’ll explain how we do it and what you need to bear in mind.


First and foremost, of course, it is important to determine where the leak is. We do this with compressed air and leak detection spray. There we look at all the points on the tank and see where it is bubbling and where air is coming out.



Then, of course, these places are marked so that they are not forgotten. I would definitely clean the outside of the tank as well. To the For example, with a wire brush, because the tanks and the aluminum absorb dirt over time.


Aluminum spoon cleaning weld seam cast aluminum brush brush on shaft corrugated cast aluminum welding cleaning aluminum spoon norton plastering cleaning brush for hand drills stainless steel corrugated



But the even more important issue, which can also be very dangerous, is the issue of gasoline fumes. They should definitely not be underestimated. They can be really dangerous, i.e. deflagrations can occur and the tank can possibly explode.



aluminum spoon welding tips how welders weld aluminum free tips aluminum welding



But what is the best way to avoid this? First of all, of course, let the fuel out of the tank completely and let it ventilate for 2-3 days so that it can degas. and now there is the possibility, but I would really only recommend this for aluminum tanks, to fill the tank with water. fill and rinse.



Of course, it is important to collect the contents of the tank after flushing and dispose of it properly at a recycling center. This is really extremely important, think about your environment and don’t just dump it down the drain!!!




The next would be, for example, that you feel the tank with argon. If you want to weld the tank anyway, I would use the TIG process, as this is the most suitable for such a weld.


Aluminum bucket tig welding machine aluminum welding action welding inverter WELDINGER WE 2003P ACDC with TIG set pressure regulator welding helmet







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