Which tungsten electrode for aluminum welding

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Which tungsten electrode for aluminum welding


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Comparison Which tungsten electrode for aluminum welding ???



I’ll be honest, until recently I didn’t even know that a white tungsten electrode existed. So of course I’m all the more pleased to be able to tell you about it and tell you what cool advantages it has.



so the question Which tungsten electrode for aluminum welding I mainly use the green tungsten electrode for aluminum welding. you will probably already know that this is actually the optimum needle for aluminum welding. Why the green needle, In this case, the calotte forms best at the front of the tip. And this makes it easy to weld aluminum perfectly.



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Yes, and what is the white electrode doing now? It always depends on what kind of aluminum you want to weld, for example, I weld a lot of old aluminum that is dirty and used. As a result, I naturally set a greater cleaning effect in my welding machine so that it can be welded optimally and cleanly.


The disadvantage of this setting is that the calotte formation of a green tungsten electrode is very large and it starts to become unstable at higher amperages and can even drip.



Aluminum bucket tig welding machine aluminum welding action welding inverter WELDINGER WE 2003P ACDC with TIG set pressure regulator welding helmet



And now comes the advantage of the white tungsten electrode . This is not the case with this one and the dome remains nice and small. Of course, this is a sign that this way needle is not as brittle as the green one.


I have therefore had an extremely good experience with this tungsten electrode and can highly recommend it to you. I have also made a video on the subject, which can be found below.




aluminum welding tig welding cast aluminum welding tig-wolf-frame-electrode-wzr-white-10-32-mm-weldinger.





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So I hope I was able to help you with the article Which tungsten electrode for aluminum welding? I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. Welding is a daily topic there.


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