Welding aluminum without filler metal

Welding aluminum without filler metal



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Welding aluminum without filler metal




This question is very controversial when it comes to aluminum welding. I did a lot of testing and looked at how you can really weld without filler materials. It also works with steel and stainless steel.




So what should you pay attention to when welding profiles or sheet metal together, for example? You really have to make sure that the sheets are well connected to each other. Preparation is the be-all and end-all here: the trays must fit together perfectly.




TOP for practicing

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It takes longer to prepare and you have to concentrate more here than when welding.



Then, of course, it also requires a certain Material thickness. It should be at least 3 mm so that there is enough material to run.



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If there is too little material, you will see it quickly because the material will travel in place. Then, unfortunately, it didn’t work properly.



With aluminum, it is the weld seam that provides the durability. DeswI would never recommend sealing an aluminum weld seam, but always leave as much of it as possible.



Furthermore, you should simply consider whether the weld seam should be durable or whether it is just a matter of tightness. So, what purpose should it fulfill and then you can decide whether to work with filler material or without.



When we weld aluminum tubs or aluminum boxes, for example, I usually let them run and it works really well.


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I have already made a video about it. I’ll attach it here for you. Have a look, I’ll explain exactly how we do it there,




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Welding aluminum without filler metal

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