Welding aluminum without distortion

Welding aluminum without distortion


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Welding aluminum without distortion



So what is the best way to weld without causing too much distortion, for example on a frame.



There are several ways of avoiding the delay. For example, by clamping it correctly on a welding table with clamping clamps so that the frame can no longer move.


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A very important point is to staple properly and a lot. This causes the frame to warp badly or less. Next, I would always measure a lot in between to see if the diagonal is still correct and another important tip is to weld piece by piece and preferably always apply the heat diagonally.




These were 2-3 tips. Which definitely simplify or improve the whole thing. But we also made a cool YouTube video about it, I’ll attach the link below. Where the topic is frame welding. So why don’t you check out the video?



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