Welding aluminum – alternatives

Welding aluminum Alternatives



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the question is, aluminum welding – are there any alternatives?


My first answer would actually be no. I’ve been working in this field for ten years and we weld a lot of aluminum. But I don’t know that there is a really comparable alternative to welding.


The only thing you could see as an alternative, if it is one, would be to screw or rivet the whole thing together.


But even that only works when it comes to racks or things like that, for example. If it is a repair weld, this will not work again. I know from customers that many people try to repair certain things with metal glue, for example. But I only know that because they always come to me and end up having it welded after all.



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So from my point of view, if you want to join materials like aluminum properly or weld a hole, for example, I would always recommend welding. That’s why I can’t think of any sensible alternative to this topic at the moment.


For me, laser welding is better than WIg and




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