LOCHPUNKT welding for aluminum welding

LOCHPUNKT welding for aluminum welding




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LOCHPUNKT welding when welding aluminum is that really possible?



Sure, that’s no problem, it’s definitely possible and I’ll be happy to tell you how to do it. Basically, it is the same as with all other materials, we once had an example where a weld seam would have been disruptive, but two sheets were to be joined together anyway.


So what’s the best way to solve the whole thing, we basically had two sheets that were overlapped. I simply drilled relatively large holes in the upper plate, I would recommend at least 10 mm upwards, preferably more, and of course it all depends on how much the plates have to hold.

Aluminum bucket tig welding alu welding LOCHPUNKT welding when welding aluminum

Then I make several holes in the one sheet at certain intervals. Lay the sheets on top of each other again, i.e. I overlap them. I always have a small copper log on my welding table, which I then use to weigh down the sheet metal so that it rests properly.


If you ever need aluminum sheet, feel free to write to me!


Or I simply take the clamp from my hole welding table and clamp it to the table. Now I’m going to start welding, what’s the best way to do it? The first step would be to heat and melt the bottom tray first and then melt the edge of the top tray in the hole. This creates a perfect connection between the two sheets. Now, of course, the weld seam is very deep, but at the end you can simply fill the upper plate with filler material.


It is really important that you really get very deep into the sheet and that the upper surface is properly fused with the lower surface and that there are no gaps in between, so try to really let the edge of the upper sheet melt away. If you add filler too early, you will end up with a cavity and not a proper bond.


The cool thing is, you can watch the whole thing again in video form, I’ll attach the link below. I hope I was able to help you with this and would be very happy to receive feedback, feel free to check out our channels, e.g. YouTube








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