Aluminum after welding

Aluminum after welding



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Aluminum after welding is that possible?

Or rather, I suppose the question is, can you simply re-weld aluminum weld seams?



In principle you can do that, the question is why and is there perhaps something that can be done to improve the whole thing. I assume that the problem is that, for example, a spot is cracked, a weld seam is torn or something is broken. In this case, I would not recommend simply re-welding the whole thing for longevity and a perfect repair.



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In this case, I would definitely mill or grind away the weld seam – milling is better because you introduce less dirt and can penetrate deeper into the material. Now you can make a nice deep weld with a neat root. And you have the advantage that you have welded deep into the area that was defective. if you can put it that way.


As a comparison, if you only weld over the crack, you will never get deep enough into the material to close the crack all the way down. This is why it can always happen that the crack will reappear at the same spot.



For this reason, I would simply recommend taking a little more time and preparing the whole thing properly and then simply welding it properly again so that the best possible hold is back in the component.




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