5 welding tips for aluminum welding

5 aluminum welding tips Welding hacks for aluminum welding

5 welding tips for aluminum welding


If you are just learning to weld aluminum, I have a few important tips for you right at the beginning.



5 welding tips for aluminum welding


Tip number 1

I keep noticing that this is exactly what our workshop participants are concerned about. Namely the topic of heat input. For example, we now have an aluminum sheet that we want to weld. This means that we need more welding current and the longer we weld on the sheet metal, the more heat is transferred to the sheet. This means that towards the end or the last weld seam, you can or must either weld faster or reduce the welding temperature.

This is of course an experience thing, the more often you weld, the better you notice or realize when you have to go down with the ampere numbers and of course also have to weld faster.


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Tip number 2

It’s quite simple, namely the tungsten electrode. Why?

If you have already welded aluminum, you will be familiar with the situation where you have finished welding, raise the welding helmet and see that the tungsten electrode is still glowing red.

It is now important that the needle is properly supplied with shielding gas until the end. To prevent oxygen from reaching the needle too early. If this happens, your needle will always be dark gray, does not look nice and usually has a brittle carcass, which means that the ignition behavior is much worse and your melting bath will not run properly.

Therefore, always make sure that the gases are set long enough after the flow time.



Tip number 3

For aluminum welding I basically use two different tungsten electrodes, one white and one green.

Now I’ll explain why the two different. I use the green one for normal welding work, i.e. when I weld normal profile pipe or sheet metal, and I use the white tungsten electrode for cast aluminum or, let’s say, for parts that are no longer clean. Where I have to set a higher cleaning effect with the welding machine.

Why the white one, because it is much more stable in this area of the setting of the welding machine and it can be welded much better with used parts or cast aluminum.

You can find the last two tips in my video on the subject below. You can watch the five tips again in video form.

As a small gift, you can find ten more tips on aluminum welding as a PDF here under the link.

Then I wish you every success with aluminum welding. I think you’ll find a lot more on this topic on our YouTube channel, which may also help you. So good luck and have fun welding.



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So I hope I was able to help you with the article 5 welding tips for aluminum welding. I would be delighted to receive your feedback. And if you would like to find out and see more about welding, then take a look at our channels. Welding is a daily topic there.




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