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UTP 65 D rod electrodes | MIG/MAG Böhler

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UTP 65 D rod electrodes | MIG/MAG Böhler


The UTP 65 D was developed to meet the highest requirements for repair and build-up welding. It is extremely crack-resistant when joining difficult-to-weld steels such as hard manganese steel, tool steel, spring steel, high-speed steel and black and white joints. Due to its good corrosion resistance, tensile strength and abrasion resistance, it has a wide range of applications in the repair and maintenance of machine and gear parts such as gears, cams, shafts and axles, hot cuts, hot trimming plates and dies. Also ideally suited as an elastic buffer layer under hard alloys. The UTP 65 D has excellent welding properties, a stable arc and low-spatter, fine-scaled seam pattern and very good slag removability, partly self-lifting. UTP 65 D can be welded well in constrained positions. Stainless, work-hardening and strain-hardening. Hardness of the pure weld metal: approx. 260 HB


Details of welding consumables
EN ISO CLASS E Z 29 9 R 12

Welding instructions

Clean the welding zone thoroughly. Prepare a V or X seam with an opening angle of 60 – 80° on thick-walled workpieces. Preheat higher carburized steels and solid workpieces to approx. 250 °C. Guide the rod electrode vertically and weld with a short arc in a straight line or slightly oscillating, depending on the application. Rod electrode re-drying 2 h at 120 – 200 °C.



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UTP 65 D rod electrodes | MIG/MAG Böhler

UTP 65 D

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UTP 65 D rod electrodes | MIG/MAG Böhler


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