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WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW (without hosepack)


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  • LNF 9F flex pro 9mm mandrel plug 2-pin

  • LNF 17F flex pro 9mm plug 2-pin gas NW5 TIG hosepack

  • TBI SR17 flex 4m 2-pole T25 TIG hosepack flexible bend 9 mm connector

  • Assortment box WELDINGER WSGII wire for TIG welding of steel 1.6/2.0/2.4 mm

  • Assortment box stainless steel welding rods V2A 308l 1.6 2.0 1kg each + box from WELDINGER

  • TIG tungsten electrode WL-15 gold 2.4x175 mm 10 pieces

    Insufficient stock

  • WELDINGER PRO pressure reducer brass for inert gas argon/CO2 returnable cylinders

  • WELDING GLOVES TIG CURVED ULTRA Böhler Welding TIG welding gloves

  • FURICK Cup FUPA 12 ceramic, pack of 2 gas nozzles

  • Böhler welding helmet "Guardian 62"

  • TIG torch box accessories SR9 aluminum bucket

  • TIG torch box accessories SR26 aluminum bucket

WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW (without hosepack)

WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW plus DC HF Lift Pulse 2T/4T MMA 200 A (without hosepack)


  • WELDINGER DC TIG welding inverter WE 2001 PW plus with 200 A, HF/lift ignition, pulse, as well as 2 and 4T function
  • Handy welding machine for working on steel, stainless steel and copper parts and for welding pipes and boilers
  • Digital control with clearly adjustable welding parameters, MMA with VRD, Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable
  • Version without TIG welding torch, with 4 m earth cable and 1.5 m gas hose with quick-release couplings
  • with temperature-controlled fan cooling, particularly compact IGBT inverter, dimensions (WxHxD) 125x225x380 mm, weight 6.4 kg

WELDINGER WE 201PW DC plus with HF ignition

Handy inverter for TIG and electrode welding

The WELDINGER brand stands for affordable, high-quality technology. Thanks to its clear menu navigation, the WE 201 PW DC plus is equally suitable for beginners and advanced users. Its equipment is exemplary for this class: either HF ignition or brush ignition is possible, the device has pulse, 2T/4T and individually adjustable parameters for excellent TIG welding results. A fully-fledged MMA welding unit is also integrated. In addition to the welding current, Hot Start and Arc Force are adjustable and the VRD safety function can be activated. The welding machine is equipped with an earth cable and a gas hose with quick-release couplings. Welding of steel, stainless steel and copper is possible in DC operation.

TIG functionality
– Adjustable welding current from 5-200 A
– Individually adjustable TIG parameters:


Starting current 5-200 A
Rise time 0-5 s
Gas flow 0-1 s
Peak current 5-200 A
Pulse duty cycle 5-100%
Pulse rate 0.5-100 Hz
Base current 5-200 A
Gas overrun 0-5 s
Valley stream 5-200 A

– Pulse mode
– 2T or 4T
– Optional HF or lift ignition
– Usable electrodes 0.5-3.2 mm

Electrode welding functionality (MMA):
– Adjustable welding current from 20-200 A
– the device welds electrodes up to 4 mm in diameter at a maximum welding current of 200 A
– Hot-start function for welding start without electrode sticking (adjustable (1-10)
– Arc Force regulates the current value to stabilize the arc (adjustable 1-10)
– Anti-stick function reduces the welding current after sticking
– Usable electrodes 1.6-4 mm
– VRD: When the inverter is switched on, the welding voltage is automatically reduced to a safe value if no arc is present. VRD can be switched on or off as required. This function reduces the risk of accidents if you accidentally touch the electrode during work breaks.

The gas hose is fitted with a quick-release fastener on the device and can be removed in seconds for unrestricted electrode welding. To supply argon, you need an inert gas pressure regulator (item 4410) and an argon cylinder. For an optimum start, we recommend the basic TIG wear part set 1 for the TIG welding set type 17/18/26/45V25 in 1.6 and 2.4 mm.

You can find a suitable TIG hosepack with separate gas/electricity connection, 9 mm mandrel, NW5 gas quick coupling and two-pin control plug in various versions (type 9, 17 or 26) with fixed or flexible torch head in our store.

Technical data WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW

Mains connection 230 V 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse 16 A inert
for electrode diameter 1.6 – 4.0 mm
TIG duty cycle 100 % 100 A 60 % 129 A
Insulation class IP21
Open circuit voltage 64 V
Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H): 380 x 125 x 225 mm

Scope of delivery WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW

WELDINGER WE 2001PW DC pulse professional HF inverter welder
Ground cable 4 m with 9 mm mandrel
Gas hose 1.5 m with quick coupling and regulator connection 1/4″ right
German operating instructions


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WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW (without hosepack)

WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW plus DC HF Lift Pulse 2T/4T MMA 200 A (without hosepack)

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WELDINGER TIG welding unit WE 2001PW (without hosepack)


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