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WELDINGER MWE 202 HF SYN dig combi welding inverter with HF ignition


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  • WELDINGER MAGSet 1 for MAG welding set type MB 150 (basic equipment 0.6 - 1.0 mm accessory set)

  • Böhler welding helmet "Guardian 62"

  • WELDING GLOVES TIG CURVED ULTRA Böhler Welding TIG welding gloves

WELDINGER MWE 202 HF SYN dig combi welding inverter with HF ignition


  • synergic combination welding inverter WELDINGER MWE 202 SYN dig with 2-stroke, 4-stroke and TIG with HF ignition
  • Intuitive menu navigation, job memory, synergy functions for MIG/MAG welding of mild steel and cored wire
  • for 0.6-1.0 mm wire coils (D200), with 3 m welding torch MB15 and 4 m TIG hosepack WP-17
  • MIG/MAG welding and DC TIG in 2-/4-cycle mode, DC TIG additionally with pulse and spot welding function
  • MMA with adjustable Hot Start, Arc Force, switchable VRD, 230 V welding unit, weight 13.4 kg

Synergic combi welding inverter WELDINGER MWE 202 SYN dig

Integrated TIG welding unit with HF ignition


MIG/MAG with 2T-/4T and cored wire function


The WELDINGER MWE 202 SYN dig is a mobile, single-phase (230V), air-cooled MAG/MMA/WIG welding inverter for welding mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. In MIG/MAG mode, manual welding in shielded gas mode, with synergic shielded gas welding or the processing of cored wire (NoGas) is possible, for which the torch can be conveniently reversed on the front of the device.


The special feature of the MWE 202 HF SYN dig is the fully-fledged DC TIG welding unit, which offers a choice of HF or Lift Arc ignition and also meets the requirements of ambitious TIG welders with 2T/4T, pulse and spot welding functions, as well as adjustable parameters. The device also has a JOB memory function for saving frequently used settings.



MIG/MAG functions
– Wire feed unit for D200 welding wire reels and welding wire from 0.6-1.0 mm
– 2- and 4-stroke mode
– Automated adjustment of welding parameters in synergy mode
– Voltage fine adjustment and adjustment of induction possible
– mild steel can be welded synergically with shielding gas or cored wire
– Infinitely variable adjustment of wire feed speed and welding voltage
– Manual MAG welding function
– High-quality hose package MB 150 with Euro central connection
– Suitable for cored wire with polarity reversal function on the front of the device



The wear parts from MAG set 1 (item 4191) fit.


MMA functions (electrode welding)
– Weldable electrode diameters 2-5 mm
– Hot Start and Arc Force adjustable, anti-stick function
– Switchable VRD for more safety
– Infinitely variable welding current
– Simple conversion from MIG/MAG to electrode operation


A suitable electrode holder cable with 13 mm mandrel is available as an accessory (e.g. article 2003)


Hot Start: prevents the electrode from sticking by briefly superimposing / increasing the welding current.
Arc Force: automatically regulates the current value to keep the arc constant for as long as possible.
Anti-stick: shortly before the short circuit, the system delivers the set maximum current to prevent the electrode from sticking and annealing.
VRD (Voltage Reduction Device): when the welding machine is switched on but not ready for welding, the output voltage is reduced to a user-safe level. Even if you come into contact with the electrode, work safety is guaranteed thanks to VRD.


TIG functions
– DC TIG with HF ignition
– 2T-/4T, pulse and spot welding function Spot function
– Lift Arc DC TIG
– Adjustable welding current
– with 4 m long TIG hose package WP-17



The wear parts from TIG set 1 (item 4141) fit.


The WELDINGER MWE 202 HF SYN dig can be used for a wide range of welding projects. 200 A power is more than sufficient for most applications, and due to its comparatively compact dimensions and low weight, it can also be used well on mounting sites. Thanks to its robust technology, useful auxiliary functions and guaranteed long-term supply of spare and wear parts, the MWE 202 HF SYN dig offers maximum safety, flexibility and working comfort in its price class.




Technical data

Inverter type IGBT inverter
Mains connection 230 V/50/60 Hz
Coil holder D100/D200
MAG wire diameter 0.6-1.0 mm, feed roller 0.8 / 1.0 TYPE W installed
Welding current (MIG/MAG) 25-200 A
Cooling Fan
Open circuit voltage 64 V
Duty cycle MAG 40% 200 A; 100% 100 A
MMA/WIG duty cycle 40% 150 A; 100% 100 A
TIG duty cycle 40% 200 A; 100% 100 A
Electrode diameter (MMA) 2-5 mm
Protection class IP21
MAG torch connection Eurocentral
Electrode/ground cable connection Mandrel 13 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) 205x325x485 mm
Weight (without burner) 13.4 kg



Scope of delivery

synergic combi welding inverter WELDINGER MWE 202 HF SYN dig
3.0 m MIG-MAG torch MB 150 with Euro central connection
4 m earth cable 16 mm²
4 m TIG hose package WP-17
1.5 m gas hose with quick-release couplings 1/4″ right/NW7.2


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WELDINGER MWE 202 HF SYN dig combi welding inverter with HF ignition

WELDINGER combination welding inverter

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WELDINGER MWE 202 HF SYN dig combi welding inverter with HF ignition