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Motorcycle tank sealing set for up to 10 liters


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Product information “Motorcycle tank sealant set for up to 10 liters”


Discover the new design of our proven tank renovation products!

One-component resin becomes Tankfix

Maintain the condition and service life of your vehicle and preserve your fuel tank with the WAGNER tank sealing sets consisting of the rust converter WAGNER Rostfix and the one-component resin WAGNER Tankfix!

Set 071000 sufficient for 10 liter tanks

1. 175 ml WAGNER Tankfix
2. 250 ml WAGNER Rostfix


stops rust immediately – and removes deep-seated layers of rust.

At the same time, the porous surface structure that has been eaten away by corrosion is chemically healed – during the treatment, a solid metal surface is created that can be painted, coated, tinned or galvanized without any problems. Complete rust removal is unnecessary!

The dark gray layer (phosphating) that WAGNER Rostfix leaves on iron and steel effectively protects metal surfaces against rust.

Treatment with WAGNER Rostfix considerably improves the rust protection of the metal and the adhesion of the final protective treatment. For non-ferrous metal surfaces such as aluminum or zinc sheet, WAGNER Rostfix is suitable for pre-priming (etching) bare surfaces. It is therefore also worth treating new, rust-free metals with WAGNER Rostfix.

High-quality, transparent, ready-to-use fuel tank sealant for sealing and restoring tanks in need of renovation.

WAGNER one-component tank sealing resin saves every tank by building in a protective inner tank. Even fuel tanks that already smell, weep or drip are usually 100% leak-proof again after sealing!

In contrast to most two-component sealants, the WAGNER one-component tank sealer does not become brittle and retains a minimum degree of flexibility in the long term. This means that it remains elastic and flexible after drying and can reliably compensate for the expansion and contraction of a metal tank caused by natural temperature fluctuations. In contrast to often very rigid 2k coatings, there are NO “micro-cracks” that can be infiltrated by fuel and therefore our tank sealant CANNOT flake off and can even withstand the impact of minor accidents.

The water-like consistency and long working time of our tank sealing resin enable thorough and reliable work. This also gives you the security of coating, sealing and preserving the tank completely and without “gaps” with our resin.

Area of application

With the WAGNER motorcycle tank sealing sets, tanks with a capacity of up to 10 liters can be treated.

Tank interiors made of sheet metal, steel (including alloys), aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastics such as carbon, GRP, Kevlar, polyester or vinyl ester can be sealed.

Even new tanks with smooth inner surfaces can be sealed with the WAGNER one-component tank sealer, roughening is not necessary.
WAGNER Tankfix cannot be used for tanks made of polyethylene or polypropylene, as these materials cannot be permanently coated.

Application & dosage

After appropriate preparatory work, pour the required amount of transparent WAGNER one-component resin into the tank depending on the tank size and shake it vigorously, then carefully swivel it out. The resin should completely wet all interior walls.

After the first coat has dried and is no longer sticky (after approx. 12 – 24 hours), a second coat can be applied.

The coating is fully cured after around 7 to 8 days.

Before you start work, it is important to read the tank sealing instructions carefully.


Motorcycle tank sealing set for up to 10 liters

Motorcycle tank sealing set for up to 10 liters

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Motorcycle tank sealing set for up to 10 liters


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