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Flap discs BDX grit size 120

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Flap discs wear evenly and release new abrasive grain, making their design ideal for sanding contours and uneven surfaces. They deliver an even finish with a uniform removal rate, especially on aluminum and stainless steel workpieces. Fan sanders adapt to contours and uneven surfaces. They are made of abrasive cloth flaps arranged in a radial pattern around a plastic core and offer flexibility for a smooth surface. For flap sanders, a working speed of 38 – 42 m/s is recommended for the best results. At this speed, only the blade ends touch the workpiece due to the centrifugal force. The result is an improved removal rate and surface quality as well as a reduction in heat generation and tool wear.
  • Carpet pad : Heavy X-cotton fabric


  • Universal flap disc for use on stainless steel, can also be used for removing paint and on plastic or wood
  • Very good removal rate in finishing applications with low pressure and a very good finish
  • The new generation of premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain delivers a more aggressive cut with a longer service life


  • Markets
    • Maintenance and repair work (general processing)
  • Materials
    • Steel
    • Non-ferrous metals
  • Machines
    • Sanding block
  • Applications
    • Loops

Machine: Sanding block

Application: Grinding

Specification: R207PLUS

Grain size: 120

Color: Ruby

Shape: Fan sander

Bore: 14mm

Diameter: 125mm

Width: 20mm

Pure product dimensions: 125x20x14mm


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Flap discs BDX grit size 120

Flap wheels

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Flap discs BDX grit size 120


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