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X-Treme R860 disc flap discs / grit 40

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X-Treme R860 disc flap discs / grit 40


The new X-Treme R860 cup flap disc with zirconia alumina is a particularly high-quality solution and offers reduced machining costs thanks to more aggressive cutting behavior, improved quality, longer service life and higher material removal. Whether grinding down to the bare metal, removing burrs and cut edges or preparing or removing weld seams, X-Treme flap discs shine with clear advantages over comparable discs.

125×22 mm

Grain size 40


  • Longer service life
  • High removal rate
  • Finer surfaces
  • Faster processing
  • Fewer disk changes
  • Less time required
  • More efficiency

Aggressive cut, high material removal

Aggressive zirconium corundum grit ensures an impressive removal rate from the very first second, especially with coarse grit sizes. The increased performance of the disc is due to the higher concentration of abrasive grains.

Longer service life

Reduced wheel wear means longer grinding without loss of performance over the entire service life of the wheels. In addition to lower material costs, fewer disk changes are required during work. This saves time and therefore money. It also produces less waste and conserves resources and the environment. And ultimately also produces lessCO2.

Demanding applications

Strong polyester fabric and a reinforced fiberglass backing make the disc ideal for heavy-duty sanding work.

X-Treme discs withstand high pressure, even at the edges, and remove up to two times more material than other discs.


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X-Treme R860 disc flap discs / grit 40

Norton X-Treme R860 disc flap discs

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X-Treme R860 disc flap discs / grit 40