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Engine Cleaner Wagner Classic Oil

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Engine Cleaner Wagner Classic Oil


Product information “Motor Cleaner”

Specially developed additive for cleaning the oil and lubrication circuit of engines and gearboxes.

WAGNER Motor Cleaner removes deposits on the piston and in piston ring grooves, cleans oil channels and bores and completely dissolves soot and sludge deposits. Counteracts the formation of paint on hot metal parts.

WAGNER Motor Cleaner has no influence on the supply of oils of the prescribed quality, even improves the lubrication properties through high-performance lubrication components and therefore has no influence on warranty services.

Area of application

  • for all gasoline, diesel and gas engines
  • Oil-operated units
  • Manual transmissions, automatic transmissions and differentials

This internal engine cleaner is particularly recommended for diesel engines because oil in diesel engines becomes very dirty very quickly due to the very high proportion of soot produced during combustion.


  • increases the compression
  • Increases engine performance
  • reduces wear and tear
  • Reduces engine noise
  • reduces emissions
  • Neutralizes harmful oleic acids
  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • extends the service life of the diesel particulate filter and the catalytic converter

Application & dosage

  • Gasoline, diesel and gas engine oils
  • Oil-operated units
  • Manual gearbox
  • Car automatic transmission
  • DSG/CVT gearbox
  • Vario gearbox
  • Differentials
  • Hydraulic systems

6 – 8% of the total oil volume in the engine/gearbox



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Engine Cleaner Wagner Classic Oil

Engine Cleaner Wagner Classic Oil

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Engine Cleaner Wagner Classic Oil