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ADDINOL Sport gear oil RC80W, mineral, 1 ltr. PE can


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ADDINOL Sport gear oil RC80W, mineral, 1 ltr. PE can


Sport transmission oil for oil bath clutches – Excellent release behavior, even at low temperatures and in racing –

ADDINOL – German Quality since 1936

ADDINOL automotive lubricants have been developed in our own research and development department for over 85 years and are produced in one of the most modern lubricating oil factories in Europe. The ADDINOL automotive range includes engine and transmission oils with the highest internationally valid specifications. More than 150 named approvals from leading OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ford and the Volkswagen Group speak for the outstanding quality.

ADDINOL RC 80 W is a high-performance gear oil with maximum clutch performance for motorcycles with oil bath clutches. The RC 80 W allows the clutch discs to be gripped firmly and separated quickly under all operating conditions. Successfully tested in motocross and road racing, RC 80 W also proves to be a reliable transmission oil for everyday road traffic.

The advanced additive technology of the RC 80 W combines permanently stable friction characteristics with increased wear protection and extends the service life of the clutch and transmission. The excellent low-temperature behavior of the RC 80 W ensures reliable clutch operation without sticking at low temperatures, even under the highest loads in racing conditions!

Quality Made in Germany – Developed, tested and approved under the leadership of LangTuning!

RC means Racing Clutch – 80 stands for the viscosity – W for winter operation/suitable for winter use

  • Perfect clutch separation behavior
  • New additive technology
  • High wear protection
  • Excellent cold behavior
  • No sticking
  • Highly resilient
  • Tried and tested in motocross and road racing
  • released by LangTuning

Of course, this gear oil can also be used in standard engines and replace the usual ADDINOL GL80W!


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ADDINOL Sport gear oil RC80W, mineral, 1 ltr. PE can

ADDINOL Sport gear oil

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ADDINOL Sport gear oil RC80W, mineral, 1 ltr. PE can


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