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Böhlerwelding welding blanket WB Fibre 550

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Böhlerwelding welding blanket WB Fibre 550 welding blanket


Welding blankets are part of safety equipment to protect you, your equipment, our environment and other valuable items.

Not only do they protect against splashes, sparks, heat and the stresses of sandblasting, but they also isolate radiation to create a safe and clean working environment.

General properties:

  • Both sides have the same properties – no distinction between front and back
  • Antioxidation – no chemical reaction is triggered when sparks hit the ceiling
  • All welding blankets offer protection against splashes, sparks and slag
Technical specifications Properties Applications
  • Glass fiber vermiculite*-coated
  • Working temperature: 750 °C
  • Melting point: 950 °C
  • Weight: 875 g/m²
  • Temperature resistance
  • Eyelets on all four sides
  • Welding and grinding work with moderate loads


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Böhlerwelding welding blanket WB Fibre 550

Böhlerwelding welding blanket

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Böhlerwelding welding blanket WB Fibre 550