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Abrasives for the welder

Abrasives are of course also a very important topic in the welding sector. They used to tell me that if you can’t weld well, you must be able to grind well.

At first you think it’s a joke, but of course sometimes you have weld seams that aren’t visually attractive, which means you grind them away and I re-weld the whole thing. Now, of course, there are different sanding materials for different areas.

We have special abrasives for aluminum that we have had very good experience with. Of course, we are happy to pass these on to our customers or community. What is the advantage of all this?

Of course, you save time with the right accessories and, more importantly, you don’t lose the fun of working because the quality is optimal, the handling is great and it’s simply fun to work with proper tools. We have implemented precisely these special grinding wheels, burrs and wheel brushes in our store.

In our experience over the last ten years, these are precisely the abrasives that we need most on a daily basis.

But this is exactly what we have experienced with stainless steel and steel, and we also have some useful grinding wheels on offer here to make grinding easier for you.

The service life of a cut-off wheel or flap disc is of course also a very important issue. Everyone has used a cheap wheel to grind or cut something and has seen how quickly the wheel reaches its wear limit.

Our abrasive products from Norton have an excellent service life and therefore also save you money. The company Norton has a test center especially for such purposes, where the discs are always put through their paces.

Aluminum welding Aluminum bucketTo get the best out of it for the customer. I know why because I was in Holland at the beginning of 2022 and was able to look at and test everything.

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