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WELDINGER plasma cutter PS 52 – Plasma cutter with 40 A, up to 14 mm


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WELDINGER plasma cutter PS 52 – Plasma cutter with 40 A, up to 14 mm


  • Portable WELDINGER inverter plasma cutter PS 52 with high duty cycle and 40 A
  • Plasma torch PT 31 with contact ignition, cuts all types of metal up to 14 mm thick
  • with quick coupling system for the required compressed air source (at least 90 l/min air output)
  • Safe and simple operation, ideal for use in the private workshop
  • Dimensions 153x290x415 mm, weight 6.75 kg, length of ground cable 3 m, length of burner 3.8 m


WELDINGER PS 52 Plasma inverter cutter with 40 A

affordable for every user!

Single-phase inverter system (IGBT) for compressed air plasma cutting.
Fast, precise cutting of all electrically conductive materials. e.g. steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.

The plasma cutter is equipped with a quick coupling system for the compressed air, torch and ground cable are also included in the scope of delivery.

Thanks to its safe and, above all, simple handling, this device is particularly suitable for use in private workshops.
An external compressed air source is required. This should be equipped with a pressure regulator. The required pressure is between 2 and 4 bar. The required air volume is between 90 and 180 l/min.

If your compressor does not have a pressure regulator with water separator, we have designed a pressure regulator connection set especially for this plasma cutter (article 2734).

Indicator lights and displays:
– Power LED
– Overheating light
– Undervoltage or overvoltage light
– Compressed air / vacuum indicator

Protective safety devices:
– Overvoltage protection
– Undervoltage protection
– Overheating protection
– Overload protection

General information about the WELDINGER plasma cutter

In a plasma cutter, an electric arc burns between an electrode and the workpiece. The arc is ignited either by high-frequency ignition or by contact ignition (lift arc). This arc is approx. 30000 degrees Celsius (the PS 52 is ignited by contact ignition). This arc is constricted at the outlet by an insulated, compressed air-cooled copper nozzle. This increases the energy density in the plasma to such an extent that the workpiece melts at the point of impact. The molten pool is blown away by a gas jet, creating the kerf. Compressed air is almost always used as the gas for blowing out.

For a better kerf, shielding gas mixtures are also used to prevent or reduce oxidation. Plasma kerfs are characterized by a rounded edge at the entry point.

Technical data WELDINGER plasma cutter

Mains voltage / fuse protection 230 V / 16 A
Cutting thickness
Beam width
up to 14 mm
approx. 4 to 6 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) / Weight 153x290x415 mm / 6.75 kg

Scope of delivery

WELDINGER plasma cutter PS 52
Earth cable (3.10 m long)
PT31 burner package (hose package), 3.8 m long
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WELDINGER plasma cutter PS 52 – Plasma cutter with 40 A, up to 14 mm

WELDINGER plasma cutter

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WELDINGER plasma cutter PS 52 – Plasma cutter with 40 A, up to 14 mm


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