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WELDINGER MIG/MAG welding inverter MEW 161 SYN eco synergic gas-shielded welding machine (flux-cored wire TIG MMA)


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  • WELDINGER MEW 161 SYN eco for synergic MIG/MAG welding, with TIG and electrode welding function
  • IGBT welding inverter with Euro central connection, fan cooling and up to 160 A welding current
  • Ideal for welding steel, stainless steel and high-strength steel, cored wire function with convenient polarity reversal on the front panel
  • Easy-to-operate wire feed unit, feed roll 0.8 mm and 1 mm welding wire and holder for 100/200 mm wire rolls
  • including German operating instructions, 3 m hose package MB 150, as well as 3 m earth and electrode cable each


MIG/MAG electrode welding inverter WELDINGER MEW 161 SYN eco

Entry-level device for synergic MIG/MAG welding with 160 A output

WELDINGER stands for affordable, functional tools with excellent practicality. The MEW 161 SYN ecowas also designed with functionality and ease of use in mind. Latest technology (IGBT inverter technology) in a lightweight, portable device with 3 m MIG/MAG hosepack (Euronorm), 3 m long earth cable and 3 m long electrode cable. The device is single-phase and microprocessor-controlled, and a built-in fan ensures long welding times. An excellent electrode welding unit is integrated. Ideal for the private workshop, the car mechanic or the garden owner.

MIG/MAG functionality:
– Infinitely variable welding voltage with synergically controlled wire feed for gas-shielded and flux-cored wire welding
– With Euro central connection for quick replacement of the hose set
– Wire feed roll for 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm welding wire
– Suitable for cored wire, convenient polarity reversal on the front of the device
– Welder for D100/D200 wire reels (1, 2 or 5 kg)
– Cold-flexible gas hose with quick-release coupling (1.5 m long)

The WELDINGER MEW 161 SYN eco was developed for welding normal steels, but galvanized materials, stainless steel, high-strength steel, etc. can also be welded.

Electrode welding functionality:
– 3 m long welding cables ensure freedom of movement
– Device welds up to 4 mm electrodes at a maximum welding current of 160 A
– Hot-start function for starting welding without the electrode sticking
– Anti-stick function reduces the welding current after sticking

TIG functionality:
– Direct current operation with lift-arc method
– Setting options for welding current

Suitable WELDINGER TIG hosepacks with external gas control, as well as a wide range of other accessories and high-quality protective clothing can be found in our store. As a practical MIG/MAG starter kit, we recommend the WELDINGER MAG-Set 1 wear part set (item 4191).

Technical data

Welding current MIG/MAG 40-160 A/filler wire 50-160 A
Welding current electrode/WIG 20-160 A/10-160 A
Duty cycle 30% / 160 A 100% / 88 A
MAG wire diameter 0.6/0.8/0.9 mm
Mains voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Open circuit voltage 62 V
Protection 16 A Inert
Insulation class IP 21S
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 340 x 510 mm
Welding torch MB150, 3 m long
Earth cable / electrode cable 3 m mandrel 9 mm each
Protective gas hose Rubber, 1.5 m long with quick coupling and 1/4″ connection on the right
Wire guide roller Type W
Recommended material thickness 0.9-4.0 mm
Coil holder D100/D200

Scope of delivery

WELDINGER MIG-MAG welding inverter MEW 161 SYN eco
3 m MIG-MAG torch MB 150
3 m earth cable
3 m electrode holder cable
Gas-shielded welding rod SG2 0.8 mm/1 kg D100 (AWS ER70S-6)
Gas hose 1.5 m with 1/4″ R connection and quick coupling
Detailed operating instructions

If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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WELDINGER MIG/MAG welding inverter MEW 161 SYN eco synergic gas-shielded welding machine (flux-cored wire TIG MMA)

WELDINGER MIG/MAG welding inverter MEW 161

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WELDINGER MIG/MAG welding inverter MEW 161 SYN eco synergic gas-shielded welding machine (flux-cored wire TIG MMA)


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