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WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro MIG-MAG welding inverter KFZ action set

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WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro MIG-MAG welding inverter KFZ action set


  • synergic MIG/MAG welding inverter WELDINGER MEW 188 SYN dig ‘pro’ with digital control and LCD display
  • for 0.6-1.0 mm welding wires, D200 wire reels, suitable for cored wire, spool gun and for braze welding
  • Synergy function for steel, stainless steel and aluminum, TIG and MIG/MAG welding in 2-/4-cycle mode
  • in vehicle set with welding helmet AH 350 realcolor, wear parts assortment MAG set 1 and spot weld drill set
  • Additionally with reusable bottle pressure regulator pro, set-down pliers and 3-piece grip pliers set

Synergic welding inverter WELDINGER MEW 188 SYN dig professional

In a car promotion set with extensive accessories!

Digitally controlled inverter for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized sheet metal

The WELDINGER MEW 188 SYN dig professional is a portable, single-phase (230V), air-cooled MIG/MAG/WIG/MMA welding inverter for DC welding and braze welding. Its state-of-the-art graphic display provides a perfect overview of set values such as voltage, welding current and wire speed as well as selected welding functions. It is controlled digitally via two push buttons. Preset synergy curves facilitate the processing of suitable material. The LCD display allows quick settings of welding parameters and auxiliary functions, as well as uncomplicated switching between welding processes. For filler wire operation, the polarity is conveniently reversed on the front of the appliance; inside, the appliance can be switched from normal to spool gun operation. A matching spool gun with 2-pin connection is available separately.

Thanks to the innovative, automatic arc control, the excellent welding performance remains constant under all operating conditions with various materials and gases. The arc length can also be adjusted manually to adapt the shape of the weld seam to the welder’s working style. Protective functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and thermal protection ensure trouble-free operation and protect the components from premature wear. In addition, the inverter operates stably even with mains fluctuations of +/- 15%.

All common metals can be welded in MIG/MAG mode. Rutile, stainless steel, steel and basic electrodes can be used for manual metal arc welding (MMA). To be able to work in LIFT TIG mode, you need a separately available TIG hosepack with external gas control and 13 mm mandrel (item 5604).

MIG/MAG functions
– Synergy operation for 0.6, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 and 1.2 mm steel wire (also V2A), Al, CuSi, CuAl (galvanized sheets – braze welding), cored wire
– Robust two-roller drive made of metal, holder for D100 and D200 wire rollers
– Fine adjustments for burn-back control, induction, arc length and post-flow time
– High-quality hose package MB 150 with Euro central connection
– Suitable for aluminum and stainless steel welding
– 2- and 4-stroke operation, spot
– Flux-cored wire welding
– Spoolgun interface
– Simple polarity reversal from MIG/MAG operation to braze welding

MMA functions (electrode welding)
– Weldable electrode diameter 1.5-4 mm
– Hot Start, Arc Force and Antistick

Hot start: prevents the electrode from sticking by briefly superimposing / increasing the welding current
Arc Force: automatically regulates the current value to keep the arc constant for as long as possible.
Anti-stick: shortly before the short circuit, the system delivers the set maximum current to prevent the electrode from sticking and annealing.

TIG functions
– Lift TIG operation (DC)

The WELDINGER MEW 188 SYN dig professional offers maximum flexibility for different materials and locations. Whether you use the inverter primarily in maintenance, for installations or in the automotive sector: Thanks to its comparatively compact and very robust design in combination with the latest generation of inverter technology, the MEW 188 SYNdig professional delivers excellent results with unsurpassed working comfort.

The car promotion set also includes the following WELDINGER accessories:

– WELDINGER AH 350 realcolor automatic welding helmet with panoramic field of vision for the best view of the weld seam

– MAG set 1: 0.6-1.0 mm wear part assortment for the MB 150 torch with contact tips, gas nozzles and retaining spring, 25 pieces (all parts can also be reordered individually!)

– Pressure regulator pro: made of solid brass, with cylinder pressure and outlet pressure gauges, for connection to reusable gas cylinders Ar/CO2, CO2, or Ar.

– 9-piece spot weld drill and spot weld cutter set, for cordless screwdriver or metal drilling machine

– Combination pliers for punching and folding: Set-down pliers for sheets up to 1.0 mm thick, hole punching up to 5.0 mm, ideal for preparing for spot welding, 13 mm set-down depth and 22 mm set-down width

– 3-piece grip pliers set with wide jaw, 2-point and C-grip pliers

With the ‘professional’ series, WELDINGER is picking up speed and, true to the brand principle of offering the best quality at an affordable price, is appealing to advanced welders and professional users. The already high-quality appliances have been optimized in terms of processing quality, performance and durability and are now also equipped for professional use – the addition ‘professional’ says it all at WELDINGER! Of course you can test all devices on site!

Technical data WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro

Power MIG/MAG 20 – 180 A
Power TIG 10 – 150 A
MMA performance 10 – 150 A
ED MIG/MAG 35% / 180 A 60% / 163 A 100% / 118 A
ED TIG 35% / 150 A 60% / 120 A 100% / 100 A
ED MMA 35% / 150 A 60% / 120 A 100% / 100 A
Tension 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Open circuit voltage MIG/MAG – TIG – MMA 63 V – 59 V – 63 V
Protection 16 A Inert
Insulation class IP 21S
Weight 11.7 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H): 230 mm x 550 mm x 400 mm
Welding torch/ wire feed roll MB 15, 3 m long / TYPE W, standard 0.6/0.8 mm
Earth cable / electrode cable 4 m, mandrel 13 mm
Gas connection hose Cold-flexible rubber 1.5 m long

Scope of delivery WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro

Synergic multi-process welding inverter WELDINGER MEW 188 SYN dig professional
3 m hose package / burner MB150
4 m earth cable
4 m electrode holder cable
Wire feed roll 0.6/0.8 mm
1.5 m gas hose with quick-release coupling for the appliance, other side 1/4″ right for the pressure regulator
Automatic welding helmet AH 350 realcolor
Wear parts set MAG set 1, 25-piece
9-piece spot weld drill and milling cutter set
Punching and folding pliers
Pressure regulator pro for argon/CO2
Grip pliers set 3-piece


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WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro MIG-MAG welding inverter KFZ action set

WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro MIG-MAG welding inverter KFZ action set

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WELDINGER MEW 188 SYNdig pro MIG-MAG welding inverter KFZ action set


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