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Ultima-TIG Inelco | Wet grinder for tungsten electrodes


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Ultima-TIG Inelco | Wet grinder for tungsten electrodes


The Ultima-TIG is our wet grinder for tungsten electrodes, which ensures precise grinding at the correct angle and perfect centering of the electrode tip. It grinds the electrodes to a length of 8 mm, which enables optimum use of the electrodes.

  • Key advantages

    • Sealed sanding chamber with dust trap to protect the user
    • Stepless angle adjustment for more flexibility
    • Wet grinding prevents the electrode from overheating during grinding
    • High sanding speed for faster sanding and a smooth surface
    • The electrode holder ensures that the tip is centered and reduces waste
    • Less waste with electrodes means faster amortization



High-quality grinding of tungsten electrodes

Environmentally friendly and safe

The Ultima-TIG is the environmentally friendly wet grinder for tungsten electrodes for TIG welding, which minimizes the waste of costly electrodes. The Ultima-TIG is equipped with a special dust collector in which the toxic dust particles are automatically collected. They can then be disposed of safely.

High quality and cost-effective

The special design of the Ultima-TIG reduces the waste of expensive tungsten electrodes and reduces the grinding time, resulting in a short payback period. The infinitely variable angle adjustment and the special clamping system center the electrode so that grinding is carried out in the correct longitudinal direction of the electrode. A precise angle is crucial for the quality of the weld seam and increases the number of arc ignitions between the bevels.

Wet grinding

The liquid cools the grinding process and the high grinding speed of the diamond wheel ensures that the tungsten electrode always has a very smooth and even surface. Cold wet grinding reduces the grinding time and prevents overheating and damage to the electrode.

Simple operation

Set the stepless angle adjustment to the desired angle. Place the electrode in the electrode holder and tighten it in the stick-out adjustment. Insert the electrode holder into the inlet socket, switch on the device and rotate the electrode holder until the grinding process is complete. After grinding, the tip can be blunted if necessary by setting the angle to 90°.

New engine control unit with

  • Service display
  • Overload protection
  • Registration of the number of grindings

Product data

Information on the grinder

Electrode size: Ø 0.8 – 4 mm

Minimum length: 15 mm standard (8 mm with special electrode clamps)

Angle: 7.5° – 90° grinding angle (corresponds to 15° – 180° center angle)

Technical data

Motor: 110 V-50/60 Hz, 220 V-50/60 Hz

Motor power: 280 W

Engine speed: 6,000 rpm

Grinding speed: 31 m/s

Parts of a standard device

  • Complete grinder with table, diamond wheel and grinding fluid
  • Electrode holder
  • Collets for electrodes with Ø 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 mm (collets for other electrode sizes can be ordered)

The Ultima-TIG is CE-certified and complies with all applicable EU regulations.


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Ultima-TIG Inelco | Wet grinder for tungsten electrodes

Ultima-TIG Inelco

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Ultima-TIG Inelco | Wet grinder for tungsten electrodes