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Pneumatic rod sander ( 1stk. single)


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Pneumatic rod sander ( 1stk. single)


Pneumatic rod sander ( single)
WITH 6 MM MOUNT, MAX RPM 25,000 (0.9 HP)

– Extremely versatile and productivity-enhancing
gernd; includes a 6 mm receptacle
for the use of numerous sanding products
te: Small grinding tools (including
grinding rollers, sleeves and cones),
flap wheel with shaft , mounted points
and carbide burrs

– Excellent price-performance ratio

– Achieve a better tool hand
with a simultaneous reduction of the
Fatigue due to the ergonomic design
and the optimized, non-slip grip

– Improve light weight and size
control and processing; less
Vibrations for user comfort and
the possibility of getting into small parts

– The double-bearing spindle generates
excellent concentricity,
reduces vibrations and enables a
longer use with simultaneously finer


Have a look at our Youtube channel where we have a cool video about the pneumatic rod sander (1stk. single)


Pneumatic rod sander ( 1stk. single)


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Pneumatic rod sander ( 1stk. single)