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Fupa FURICK BBWSG-19 ceramic 1-pack Fupa gas nozzle


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FURICK BBWSG-19 ceramic 1-pack Fupa gas nozzle


Product information “FURICK BBWSG-19 ceramic”
Suitable for SR 9 / SR 20 and SR 17 / SR 18 and SR 26 torches. Patented USA import product.
The difference to the “classic BBW” lies in the shape.
The BBWSG-19 ceramic is the largest ceramic nozzle from FURICK: Weldable up to 200A DC and ideal gas coverage even with longer welding times.
Stickout of the electrode. AC applications are not necessarily recommended by Furick, but we also weld the nozzle on aluminum
(is then simply your own risk).
The gas flow rate for the BBW ceramic is between 14 and 17 liters, whereby the actual gas flow rate depends on the material and
weld seam. The stickout of the electrode should be at least 15 mm and can be up to 30 mm high without hesitation.
go. If things do get “tighter”, we recommend the FUPA12 ceramic or the Jazzy10, which are also listed here in the store.
The BBWSG-19 ceramic is supplied individually including a replacement sieve.
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Fupa FURICK BBWSG-19 ceramic 1-pack Fupa gas nozzle

FURICK BBWSG-19 ceramic

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Fupa FURICK BBWSG-19 ceramic 1-pack Fupa gas nozzle

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