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Crystal 2.0 Black Optrel | Welding helmet


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Crystal 2.0 Black Optrel | Welding helmet

Color-realistic vision –
directly during welding

For the first time in the history of welding, as a welder you see the joining process as it actually takes place. How the weld pool melts, how the weld seam is created. You can see how the filler material dips into the weld pool and have complete control over your work.

CLT offers you a brilliant view, just like through window glass. Crystal clear. And thanks to optrel Autopilot, always with the right level of protection.

Not all colorfast is the same

As is so often the case, the difference only becomes apparent on closer inspection. With the crystal 2.0, however, you will notice the difference as soon as you put it on.

The color perception in the light state comes very close to the view through the clear window glass and in the dark state you get a detailed and high-contrast view of the sweat bath in an unprecedented clarity.


You won’t believe your eyes

With a light transmission of 31% in the bright state (protection level 2!), the welder has a practically unclouded and clear view of his working environment for the first time. This, combined with the almost perfect color spectrum of Crystal Lens Technology, allows welders to see for the first time what is really happening in the weld pool. And with a clarity that is tantamount to an insight into a new dimension. And is therefore described by the welders as enlightenment.


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Crystal 2.0 Black Optrel | Welding helmet

Crystal 2.0 Black Optrel | Welding helmet

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Crystal 2.0 Black Optrel | Welding helmet


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