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Carbide burr form N angle (WKN) Ruko

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Carbide burr form N angle (WKN) Ruko

Burrs made of high-performance carbide with cross-cut teeth. Cross toothing results in a higher chip removal rate compared to single toothing. This has a particularly positive effect on materials that are difficult to machine. Areas of application: for high-alloy, rust-resistant, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels, cast iron and plastics. For deburring, edge breaking, plastering, weld seam processing and surface processing.


Technical data
Coating Uncoated
Shank Cylindrical shank
Cutting direction right cutting
Material HM
DIN DIN 8033
Shape Form N Angle (WKN)
Toothing type CT4


Areas of application
Main application Steel 900 N/mm²
Steel 1100 N/mm²
Steel 1300 N/mm²
Stainless steel
Cast iron
Titanium alloyed


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Carbide burr form N angle (WKN) Ruko

Carbide burr form N angle (WKN) Ruko

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Carbide burr form N angle (WKN) Ruko


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