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Brush brush on shaft, wavy ( 1stk | 12pcs )

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Brush on shaft, wavy

Norton offers a wide range of wire brushes suitable for a variety of surface preparation applications. The range includes crimped and knotted wire disk brushes, beveled brushes, cup brushes, brushes and hand brushes. Our high quality products contain a range of different wire types that have been specially selected to achieve the best results for each specific application.
  • The brush shape is perfect for cleaning and deburring hard-to-reach areas such as pipes and internal diameters
  • Corrugated wires are perfect for light cleaning work and material removal
  • For use on steel, choose a larger wire diameter for more aggressive applications and a smaller diameter for lighter applications
  • The 6mm shank fits most hand drills


Features & advantages
Brush on shaft

Ideal for brushing with medium force
Available with crimped and knotted wire Inox wire contains less oil

Material use Brush brush on shaft: NON-FERROUS METALS

Machine: Hand drill

Application: Stripping

Brush shape: Round brush

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Brush brush on shaft, wavy ( 1stk | 12pcs )

Brush on shaft, wavy

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Brush brush on shaft, wavy ( 1stk | 12pcs )