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AutoGrind Digital Inelco | Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes


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AutoGrind Digital Inelco | Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes


Automatic grinding of tungsten electrodes Suitable for Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut

  • Faster grinding
  • Ergonomic solution
  • Precise and uniform sanding
    – every time
  • Simple adjustment of the sanding time

AutoGrind Digital is a separate module for grinding tungsten electrodes on the
Ultima-TIG and the Ultima-TIG-Cut.

  • High speed shortens the sanding time
  • Automatic grinding of the electrode ensures a precise and uniform result
  • The grinder is switched on and off automatically via the AutoGrind control box
  • The user can prepare the next electrode while grindingAutoGrind Digital – the quick and easy way to get your tungsten electrodes as sharp as you need them every timeThe automatic process ensures precise and consistent grinding every time. AutoGrind is also an ergonomic solution for the user because the automatic rotation of the electrode holder means that repeated wrist and arm movements during the grinding process are eliminated. At the same time, it enables the electrode in the welding torch to be replaced quickly, as the electrodes do not have to be adjusted individually, and ensures precise weld seams and longer times until regrinding.

    AutoGrind Digital is designed for attachment to Ultima-TIG and Ultima-TIG-Cut grinders for electrodes up to Ø 4 mm. The AutoGrind-S Digital model is for the Ultima-Tig-S to grind large electrodes Ø4.8 – 8.0 mm. AutoGrind can be used with voltages from 100 V to 240 V and at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. For the correct model incl. Cable set for the local voltage, Hz and plug type see the model list.

Special electrode holder with bayonet lock holds the electrode in place during grinding

Product data

Parts of the AutoGrind Digital

  • Control box – 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Sanding module
  • Mounting screws (for mounting on the slider)
  • Electrode holder
  • Cable set (mains cable for control box, connection cable for sander)
  • In addition to the parts mentioned, AutoGrind-S Digital contains an electrode holder for large electrodes (Ø 4.8 – 8.0 mm) instead of an electrode holder for electrodes up to Ø 4.0 mm.

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AutoGrind Digital Inelco | Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes

Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes

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AutoGrind Digital Inelco | Grinding machine for tungsten electrodes