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AH 350 real color Panorama automatic head umbrella Solar DIN5-13 WELDINGER


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AH 350 real color Panorama automatic head umbrella Solar DIN5-13 WELDINGER


  • WELDINGER AH 350 realcolor automatic welding helmet with panoramic field of vision for the best view of the weld seam
  • Filter module with 4 arc sensors, reliable response even with TIG/TIG from 8 amps welding current
  • Protection levels DIN5-13, perfect protection against UV/IR radiation, for all welding processes except laser welding
  • Response time 1/30000 s, with grinding and plasma cutting stage, 1000 hour attachment glass and replacement protective windows
  • Solar module with replaceable backup battery, ergonomic headband for comfortable wearing

    WELDINGER Panorama head umbrella with Real Color automatic DIN 5-8 and 9-13 solar

    High-quality welding helmet with large field of vision and excellent handling

    The WELDINGER AH 350 real color automatic welding helmet is suitable for the following welding processes: Electrode/MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG/ TIG, plasma welding and cutting, gas welding and cutting with darkening up to DIN 13. Of course, it can also be used as eye protection during grinding and cut-off cutting. It reliably protects the eyes and face from UV and IR radiation with a DIN 16 protection rating, regardless of whether the filter is light, dark or not in use. The Realcolor technology offers an unadulterated view of the weld seam and enables precise work that is easier on the eyes.

    Special advantages:

    – Easy to use and maintain
    – Continuous darkening adjustment in the DIN 5-8/ 9-13 range
    – Infinitely variable adjustment of the sensor fineness for reliable detection of the arc
    – Excellent visibility with DIN4 darkening enables welding preparation and weld seam processing
    – Automatic welding protection filter, equipped with 4 arc sensors in accordance with EN379-2009, making it particularly reliable
    – Versatile adjustment options for mask, headgear and filter for optimum working conditions
    – Switching for cutting, grinding and slicing, convenient adjustment of parameters on the outside of the helmet

    The WELDINGER panoramic headshade fulfills all safety requirements of the 10th EU Directive 89/686/EEC and is marked with the CE symbol.

    Technical data AH 350 real color Panorama automatic

    Filter size 110 x 145 x 20 mm
    Field of vision dimensions width / height 100 x 94 mm
    Strength according to EN175 Resistance to impacts of medium strength (120 m/s)
    Number of sensors 4
    Degree of darkening DIN 4 / 5-8/9-13
    Response time 1/30000 s
    Brightening time 0.1 – 1.0 s (continuously adjustable)
    Sensitivity infinitely adjustable
    UV/IR protection DIN 16
    Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C
    Grinding option Yes
    Power supply Solar cells/back-up battery CR 2450
    On/off switch automatically
    Welding current TIG >8 A
    Helmet material Polyamide fireproof
    Total weight 565 g
    Automatic welding protection filter Standard EN379, class 1/1/1/2
    Outer protective screen 122 x 138 mm
    Inner protective screen 99 x 104 mm

    Scope of delivery AH 350 real color Panorama automatic

    WELDINGER AH 350 real color panoramic headshield automatic DIN 5-8 and 9-13 solar welding protection shield
    1 replacement disk each



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AH 350 real color Panorama automatic head umbrella Solar DIN5-13 WELDINGER


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AH 350 real color Panorama automatic head umbrella Solar DIN5-13 WELDINGER